Mind Chasers Inc.

Mind Chasers mission is to help home & business owners take control of their network in order to create a secure, safe, and private computing and entertainment environment. We're a small, focused engineering team with extensive experience in data networking and voice communication. Our central project is Private Island, which is an open source, low cost device (under development) that protects privacy, provides network visualization, and enhances security.

Why Should I care about network security and privacy?

In some cases ignorance can be bliss, but this is definitely not the case when it comes to a network inside your home or business. You need to know who is on your network and what they are doing. It's too common today that neighbors jump on each others' networks, children stumble onto hardcore porn sites, employees become distracted with social networking, malware runs amok in your network, or cameras get hijacked to the benefit of the virtual peeping tom. You probably wouldn't leave your front door open so strangers can come & go as they please, so why do it with your network?

An intruder on your network can remain undetected for months or years accessing your personal data, watching your behaviors, and perhaps even viewing your cameras. Once someone or something cracks your network, they basically have access to everything on your network and are positioned to take their time in attempting to crack whatever devices, drives, and files they can find.

This is too important an issue to throw in the towel and accept the notion that privacy is dead. We firmly believe it's not, and we work every day to develop new technologies and approaches to ensure that privacy will remain alive and well into the future.

A little more about us

We believe that computing and automation should work solely on behalf of its owner and not the provider. We envision the use of technology to enhance our privacy, security, access to information, access to trusted friends & associates, and to perform many of the mundane or complex tasks that life requires but aren't particularly fun or well suited for humans. However, we must accept the fact and act accordingly that the corporate norm of today is to collect the data of its users.

Mind Chasers Inc. is continuously engaged in the development of electronics and software as it applies to data networking. We have a long track record of successfully developing and delivering numerous network-based computing & communication systems.

Our address:

Mind Chasers Inc.
297 Route 72 W
Suite 35-315
Manahawkin, NJ 08050-2890

For additional information, please contact us via email.

What's with the name Mind Chasers?

The name Mind Chasers reflects a desire to better understand and model human cognition & emotion through the use of technology. Many computer scientists, researchers, and engineers chase after this same goal. This process is approached from at least two sides:

  • Brain and cognitive science researchers utilize computers as a play ground for developing new algorithms that model brain processes.
  • Computer scientists and engineers integrate the results from this research to create machines that are smarter, more robust, and better at emulating the mind.

Artificial intelligence can be either good or bad depending on its application. Today, there is a danger present that our private data will be utilized by machine intelligence to shape the media we consume with the purpose of manipulating our opinions and emotions.

With this threat and others in mind, we at Mind Chasers work on a daily basis to protect our private data, and we also strive to educate the public on the need to keep private data private.

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