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Mind Chasers Inc. is an engineering services and technology company. Our mission is to delight our customers while envisioning, designing, and delivering connected devices that provide a secure, private, and easily understood solution.

Our expertise includes circuit / PCB design, FPGAs, micro-controllers, and software: Python, C, Linux (TCP/IP), and Javascript.

We work with many open source projects related to connected system design, and we frequently post how-to articles on our site here.

Why Should I care about network security and privacy?

In some cases ignorance can be bliss, but this is definitely not the case when it comes to your network. You need to know who and what are on your network and the data that each node is collecting & transmitting. It's too common today that neighbors jump on each others' networks, children stumble onto hardcore porn sites, employees become distracted with social media, malware runs amok, and cameras get hijacked to the benefit of the virtual peeping tom. You probably wouldn't leave your front door open so strangers can come & go as they please, so why do it with your network?

An intruder, spying service provider, or errant IoT device on your network can remain undetected for months or years accessing your personal data, watching your behaviors, and perhaps even viewing your cameras. Once someone or something cracks your network, they typically have access to everything on your network and are positioned to take their time in attempting to access whatever devices, drives, and files they can find.

Transport Layer Security (TLS) and encryption shouldn't be viewed as panaceas. Although these are necessary components to securing a connection, they do not stop devices from spying and sending data back to the cloud. In fact, they can make it more difficult for the device owner to ascertain whether a device is behaving itself or violating your expected privacy norms.

These issues are too important to throw in the towel and accept the notion that privacy is dead. We firmly believe it's not, and we work every day to develop new technologies and approaches to ensure that privacy will remain alive and well into the future.

A little more about us

The name Mind Chasers reflects our belief that ultimately all technical endeavors are to benefit, model, or shape our minds. Both Artificial Intelligence (AI) and cognitive science are yielding new technical capabilities at a rapid pace and are redefining how we live & perceive the world around us. It is vital that we limit access to our private data and communication because it may be used in ways we never imagined and not to our benefit.

We also recognize the corporate norm of today is to collect our data and process it with AI for the benefit of the corporation. AI can be either good or bad depending on its application. Today, there is a danger that our private data is utilized to shape the information we consume with the purpose of manipulating our opinions and emotions. With this threat and others in mind, we at Mind Chasers work on a daily basis to protect private data & networks and strive to educate the public on the need to keep private data private.

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