The Internet is surely broken, and privacy is in danger of being lost for good. To make matters worse, the average user is lost when it comes to how the Internet works and who / what is connected to their supposedly private network.

Now usher in the Internet of Things (IoT) era and consider that network devices may ship with data gathering provisions, corporate back doors, and security holes.

Add to this the fact that data collection is a multi-billion dollar business, which is expanding at a rapid rate. It's now the corporate norm to mine customer data and apply artificial intelligence to classify each user. We can only begin to imagine how this trove of mined data may be used in ways we didn't expect or want and never authorized.

It's a dismal situation, but all is not lost. And privacy need not be dead.

At Mind Chasers, our sole mission is to help home and business owners take control of their network.

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Private Island
Our "Private Island" platform will empower the average home or business owner with much needed privacy protections, network visibility, and an additional layer of security. We believe it's a unique approach to providing a privacy domain. The device will co-exist with your Internet service provider's router, set top boxes, and IoT devices, each of which may be gathering data, monitoring network activity & behavior, and introducing security vulnerabilities. Read more about Private Island here...

Development articles and blogs are periodically posted regarding various aspects of the technologies utilized in our Private Island project.

Links to the latest posts are provided below:

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