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Recent articles related to our work:

/static/X-ray of BTC Package
BTC packages with thermal pads present a myriad of challenges. A recent approach to BTC PCB land pattern design is the use of an SMD Window. This article shows the construction of such a land pattern and results after reflow.
/static/network with honey pot
Article discusses using Python with sockets to create and deploy a honey pot for the purpose of detecting malicious activity on a network. A sample Python 3 script is provided.
A review of configurations and connector choices for systems that are compatible with an Arduino form factor.
/static/Ethernet Packet
We examine the fields within an Ethernet packet and discuss how they are processed by an open source FPGA network processor.
/static/SPI Block Diagram
A description of the open source Verilog source for a SPI Slave implementation used on the Private Island Network Processor Project
/static/Screenshot of Django running
A Step-by-Step cookbook to install Apache and Django using WSGI on Ubuntu Linux
/static/Big Buck Bunny from OpenCV
This article reviews building a simple OpenCV 4 video playback application using the OpenCV Git repos on Ubuntu Linux 18.04.
/static/block diagram
A high level overview of the usage and configuration of the ECP5UM DCU (PCS/SERDES) for Private Island Open Source Project
/static/SPI Write Transfer
Using the Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) Bus on Private Island to access internal FPGA memory including Ethernet packets
/static/OpenOCD with Linux and Darsena
We review the steps necessary to use OpenOCD with Darsena on Linux. Also, we build OpenOCD from source using its Git repo and run it on an Ubuntu 16.04 system making use of an Eclipse-based IDE.
/static/Private Island Switching
Architecture and Code Description for the Private Island System
/static/Private Island Switching
A summary and concise reference of ECP5UM features and capabilities as applied to the Private Island open source project
/static/Google's Patent for Spying
Big Tech has had a long history of spying on us. It's in their DNA, and updated privacy policies aren't going to change a thing...
/static/scope screenshot
The Serial Gigabit Media Independent Interface (SGMII) is a popular Gigabit Ethernet PHY interface, and it holds various advantages over both GMII and RGMII. This article reviews some of the core SGMII concepts with the help of oscilloscope screen shots from our Rohde & Schwarz RTO1044.
/static/python plot
Example Python code is provided to perform basic remote operations with a Rohde and Schwarz RTO1044 Oscilloscope including waveform capture, display, and FFT.
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