BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterproject: remove DARSENA_V01 support and minor cleanupmindchasers7 weeks
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-11-26project: remove DARSENA_V01 support and minor cleanupHEADmastermindchasers
2020-11-20manufacturer: estblish trion and cyclone 10 gx foldersmindchasers
2020-11-20top: move darsena top under ecp5um foldermindchasers
2020-11-19lattice: clean up project files to match latest topmindchasers
2020-11-19fifos: remove specific sized fifosmindchasers
2020-11-19top: add support for custom packet and misc. cleanupsmindchasers
2020-11-19switch: add support for custom packetsmindchasers
2020-11-19mac: update for custom packets and clean up logicmindchasers
2020-11-16sgmii_params: add additional K codesmindchasers
2020-11-16eth_params: add TX_MODE_CUSTOM to support custom MAC layersmindchasers

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