BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
mastercontroller: rm i2c_fifo_priority because it is no longer usedmindchasers15 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2021-06-30controller: rm i2c_fifo_priority because it is no longer usedHEADmastermindchasers
2021-06-30top/controller: re i2c_fifo_priority because it is no longer usedmindchasers
2021-03-02top: remap shield I/O to use GPIO rather than specific names, default is now ...mindchasers
2021-03-02ecp5um: include this Lattice file for easy referencemindchasers
2021-03-02update project filemindchasers
2021-03-02switch: add tx_src_selmindchasers
2021-03-02spi: fix write bugmindchasers
2021-03-02pkt_filter: add wire for matchmindchasers
2021-03-02directives: clean up, default is now to define a GIGE shield presentmindchasers
2021-03-02controller: clean up, tx_metrics becomes tx_custommindchasers

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