Private Island: Isolate, hide, and protect your data & activity in your home or business network

Collectively, we must ensure and protect...

  • The technology in a home or business must work exclusively for the owner.
  • The right of a provider to snoop and collect data is null & void and any un-permitted attempts to do so must be thwarted.
  • Content entering a network should be filtered based on the owner's wants & needs and unwanted web activity should be blocked.
  • Technology must not perform data collection without the consent and knowledge of the owner / user. If collection is permitted, it must be performed transparently.
  • Full network visibility and control are essential to protect privacy and security.

The Private Island project entails the development of a low-cost, open source network device that protects network privacy and security for both home and business. The device's architecture is novel in certain ways to ensure its mission. Development and testing are underway. If you're motivated to get involved, please provide contact information below and rest assured that it won't be shared.

A subset of the system and its features can be realized and tested through the use of a PC or certain development platforms running Linux built with the Yocto Project. Elsewhere on our site, you can find development articles pertaining to this project, which are written with this portability in mind.

The figure below depicts a Private Island network.

network diagram

As shown in the figure above, the Private Island controller divides a network into a private (green) zone & a blue zone from the Internet providers router and the Internet (red zone).

A high level description of the three zones:

  • Green Zone ( Private Island ): a secured & filtered local area network where traffic is not visible to the Internet service provider's router or other installed devices not provisioned and managed by the owner. Additional functions are also provided by the controller to enhance the security & privacy of traffic exiting and entering the island.
  • Blue Zone: A zone where minimally / non trusted devices supplied by providers (e.g, set top boxes, IoT gadgets) should be deployed. The controller will provide monitoring and some basic filtering in this zone but not act in such a way to hinder functionality of these devices.
  • Red Zone: The provider's router / wireless network and the Internet
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