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Lattice Diamond Clarity: Opening and Closing Clarity SBX file without making changes modifies source files

Nov 19, 2018 asked by Mind Chasers
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The Private Island "pcs.sbx" file is used to configure three PCS blocks (PCS/SERDES) and EXTREF using Lattice's Clarity tool. Whenever the pcs.sbx file is opened, it modifies the underlying source files (e.g., sgmii0.v). This happens even for a simple open and close without any other actions. This creates a problem if there are manual edits to the files, which is currently the case for this project. The Clarity tool shouldn't make changes to the underlying files unless the user takes an action (i.e., DRC, Generate, configuration of a block, etc.)
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Date: Nov. 19, 2018

Author: Mind Chasers


Note that the current workaround for this problem is to perform a git checkout for clarity if the user wishes to open and view the pcs.sbx file without making any changes. For example, using Windows 10 power shell, from the top level folder: c:\privateisland> git checkout clarity

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