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How to turn off Siri Suggestions in macOS?

Nov 16, 2019 asked by anonymous
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I'm using the new macOS Catalina and notice that each new Safari tab shows a Siri Suggestion, which actually seems like an ad. How do I turn it off?
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Date: Nov. 16, 2019

Author: Mind Chasers


Open System Preferences and click on the Siri icon. If you don't find the icon, then type "Siri" in the search bar on the upper right of the System Preferences panel Click the "Siri Suggestions & Privacy" button in the lower right of the Siri panel Next choose the Safari app and clear the check boxes to the right that control showing the suggestions and enabling Apple / Siri to learn from your behavior / activity (see attached pic). If you're privacy minded, we suggest that you clear all buttons on all apps in an effort to control how much "learning" apple is applying to your activity. Of course, it's anyone's guess what's really going on back on Apple's servers.

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